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With a population of over 1.3 billion scattered across urban and rural India, the country poses a unique healthcare challenge. According to a report by the United Nations, 75 per cent of all healthcare infrastructure including medical specialists and doctors is concentrated in urban areas where only 27 per cent of the Indian population live. Added to this is that private hospitals and quality healthcare are limited to urban areas.

A lack of affordability, accessibility, and awareness surrounding healthcare services throughout India continues to inhibit the penetration of quality medical services, especially in rural regions and tier III urban centres, where the majority of the Indian population lives. Most specialized physicians and high-end healthcare facilities are concentrated in large hospitals in tier I and tier II cities, resulting in unequal access to care, particularly regarding the latest medical technologies.

Worldwide, healthcare systems are turning patient centric. Patients are also now…

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Published by Ayurdad & Medibriefcase

Ayurdad is founded by Dr Judhajit RoyChoudhury and Dr Abhay Kumar for bringing healthcare to patients right in the comfort of their homes. Ayurdad (आयुर्दद्) means giving life. Ms Sayanti Shom has associated with Ayurdad for managing and coordinating its activities. Dr Anuj Kumar and the Ayurdad team have started a new initiative Medibriefcase, which is a patient-centric digital healthcare ecosystem for improved clinical decision-making. The Medibriefcase team has also started a new initiative, Restore Health, which is a platform for connecting patients and doctors for physical as well as virtual consultations. Restore Health also provides free medical consultation to poor and needy patients via telephone and/or video calling. We also organise and conduct free medical health checkup camps for the underprivileged section of the society.

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