Medical Camp | Maher Ashram, Ranchi

Ayurdad and Medibriefcase organised a free medical checkup camp on 15 November 2022 at Maher Ashram, Ranchi on the occasion of Bhagwan Birsa Jayanti and Jharkhand Foundation Day. The camp was conducted by Dr. Judhajit Roy Choudhury.

In our first two free medical check-up camps, we checked and treated a total of 77 people, including 45 children.

We had an encouraging response and we have decided to continue with our mission to make healthcare easily accessible and available at the doorstep of the people needing medical care.


We sincerely acknowledge the encouragement and support of the Managing Committee of Maher Ashram to help us organize the camp. We also appreciate and acknowledge the support provided by Mrs Jagrata Roy Choudhury, Mrs Tania Siddhartha, and Mr Rajnath Mahato.

Published by Ayurdad

Ayurdad is founded by Dr Judhajit RoyChoudhury and Dr Abhay Kumar for bringing healthcare to patients right in the comfort of their homes. Ayurdad (आयुर्दद्) means giving life. Ms Sayanti Shom has associated with Ayurdad for managing and coordinating its activities.

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