Digital Ecosystems | The Future of Healthcare

For a very long time, health care was organizationally centred. Health institutions were located in the centre and patients had to adapt to this system. However, rapid technological developments in recent years have caused health services to transition to a patient-centred approach. This means that multiple care systems work together to provide patient care.

The main purpose of a healthcare ecosystem is to deliver multidisciplinary and collaborative health services. The aim ultimately is to securely deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time improving cost efficiencies and clinical decision-making.

Life is rapidly moving from a paper-driven world to a digital one, where nearly every kind of information is stored on a computer, or in the cloud. When applying for a bank account, visiting the doctor or using a smart fitness app to analyse progress, we are providing data at every point. Data is everywhere and is being combined in new and diverse ways to shape how we see and experience the world.

Data can’t do the job on its own. Ecosystems create powerful forces that can reshape and disrupt industries. To be effective, all of the available data needs to be sorted into relevant parts, organised into categories and recombined again to provide healthcare professionals with new perspectives and insights on clinical decision-making.

This is where digital algorithms come into play. They combine and analyze a variety of data from existing lab and clinician workflows that can then be turned into actionable insights for physicians.

The digital healthcare ecosystem is an infrastructure that supports the transformation of the organisation-centred healthcare model into a patient-centred model. It connects diverse data resources, applications, devices and technologies, enabling them to work seamlessly together.

Across the globe, all kinds of new and emerging technologies are combining to bring about a digital healthcare transformation, a worldwide change, that fundamentally has never been seen before. This radical acceleration highlights the potential to provide a more patient-centred delivery of care, using digital technology that can reshape and enhance our healthcare systems.

The use of technology in health services is still at the preliminary level. There are many opportunities waiting to be discovered in this field. Medibriefcase is being designed and developed to be the collaborative digital healthcare ecosystem that will not only provide improved cost efficiencies and clinical decision-making but also a useful, credible, and desirable user experience.

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