Medical Camp | Hansa Murhu, Khunti (Jharkhand)

Ayurdad and Medibriefcase organised a free medical checkup camp on 04 December 2022 at St Norbert School, Hansa Murhu in the Khunti district of Jharkhand, around 45 km from Ranchi, the state capital.

The objective of our medical camps is to bring awareness amongst the deprived population of the Jharkhand state who have little access to healthcare services or knowledge about the diseases they are suffering from.

Our mission is to create awareness about preventive health check-ups and to reach quality medical consultations to underprivileged people. Getting the appropriate kind of health checkup is very important for everyone.

Dr Abhay Kumar, Dr Judhajit Roy Choudhury, and Dr Ajit Kumar conducted the camp. The camp was a big success in which 165 people availed of the free check-up facility. Among the attendees, there were 100 boys and 65 girls.

This is our third camp in the series and the responses are very encouraging. We are awed by the acceptance of our team and camp by the people.

We will take forward this love, affection, and blessings of the people and continue to provide our services to society.


We sincerely acknowledge the encouragement and support of the Father of St. Norbert School at Hansa Murhu, Khunti to help us organize the camp. We also appreciate and acknowledge the support provided by Mrs Jagrata Roy Choudhury, Mrs Tania Siddhartha, and Mr Rajnath Mahato.

Published by Ayurdad

Ayurdad is founded by Dr Judhajit RoyChoudhury and Dr Abhay Kumar for bringing healthcare to patients right in the comfort of their homes. Ayurdad (आयुर्दद्) means giving life. Ms Sayanti Shom has associated with Ayurdad for managing and coordinating its activities.

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