Paper vs. Electronic Medical Record Keeping

Medical records are the document that explains all detail about the patient’s history, clinical findings, diagnostic test results, pre and postoperative care, patient’s progress and medication. If written correctly, notes will support the doctor about the correctness of treatment. It is very important for the treating doctor to properly document the management of a patientContinue reading “Paper vs. Electronic Medical Record Keeping”

Dr Judhajit Roy Choudhury teaches sisters about surgical wound site care and complications at the Paras HEC Hospital in Ranchi for better patient care and healthcare delivery.

Rehabilitation Interventions

Increasing numbers of patients are surviving critical illnesses, but survival may be associated with a constellation of physical and psychological sequelae that can cause ongoing disability and reduced health-related quality of life. Limited evidence currently exists to guide the optimum structure, timing, and content of rehabilitation programmes. There is a need to both develop andContinue reading “Rehabilitation Interventions”


Every year, around the world, between 250,000 and 500,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI). People with a spinal cord injury are two to five times more likely to die prematurely than people without a spinal cord injury, with worse survival rates in low- and middle-income countries. At our Neurosurgery department at Bhagwan MahavirContinue reading “NEUROPROSTHETICS | BIG HOPE FOR PEOPLE WITH IMPAIRED BRAINS”

Long COVID | Lasting Illness After Recovery

Long COVID a.k.a. post-COVID-19 syndrome, post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC), chronic COVID syndrome (CCS) and long-haul COVID is a condition characterized by long-term sequelae — appearing or persisting after the typical convalescence period — of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Earlier in the pandemic, it appeared that the majority of people infected with the coronavirus experiencedContinue reading “Long COVID | Lasting Illness After Recovery”